Friday, December 26, 2008

New Services Established!

Hi all,

I hope this post comes to you with a happy holiday!

As the title suggests, newly established services have been launched... and we anticipate great responses from it!

The new services are as follows:

- Promotional blogging: Do you need sources outside of your site to promote you? Then let Jeff Beer's Services write FOR you, ABOUT you! We will make sure to give you original, honest posts dedicated to bringing people to your business/website.

PRICING for Service: $5 per post (post of the blog will be at least 250 words, but will not exceed 500 [unless if we are super-interested in your site :)]

- Blog/forum/site Commenter: Are you in need of attracting commotion and action within your business/site? Then look no further! We will place comments on your blog to help build a community and discussions.

PRICING for Service: $.50 per post/comment (comments will be authentic, original, and at least 25 words... but do not be surprised to get 50 word responses with questions to help generate discussions)

So, why may you need these services? Simply because it is a strong way to generate opportunity for new customers and networks. Whether you are a newly created blog, or an already established business, we can tailor to YOUR NEEDS!

Even more, what makes OUR SERVICES UNIQUE is that we keep our content REAL, ORIGINAL, and AUTHENTIC ...NO copy/paste junk, no plain styled writing!

So, contact us if interested, and do not hestitiate to ring in the new year with success!

Until then!

***We can negotiate pricing!***

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quick Update

Hi again,

Just wanted to let everyone know that a portfolio will be developed shortly, showcasing everything from past clients to logos and writing samples... and everything in between!

Another service has been added to the Services: Content Writing! If you need writing of any style and purpose (essays, tips, How-to's, etc.), then Jeff Beer can handle it. With over FOUR years of dedicated, professional freelance writing, Jeff Beer is certain to create the writing you are in need of.

As well, Jeff Beer Services has developed a package deal, as follows:

- Select 1 service = $5/hour (Normal cost = $7+/hour)
- Select ANY 2 services = $7/hour (Normal cost = $10+/hour)
- Select ANY 3 services = $11/hour (Normal cost = $15+/hour)

The package deals are ending on December 31st, 2008! So, be sure to take up these offers while it is still available, and ring in the New Year with a successful business!